Over the last 20 years, the idea of a perfect home has changed considerably in India. Among all sections of the community, 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats in Hyderabad have emerged as the most popular choice.

Real estate developers have come up with a wide variety of affordable and luxury apartment flats in Hyderabad in the last 10 years. Luxury facilities and amenities have reduced the price difference between 2BHK and 3BHK in Hyderabad, making it easier for home buyers to make the right choice.

The price of a 2 BHK or 3 BHK in Hyderabad is the same, but the amenities are different.

A cozy 2BHK or a spacious and future-proof 3BHK?

A home buyer faces a difficult decision when they can afford both and the price gap is not large. Asset Hub can help you if you are in a similar situation. Without knowing your requirements, budget, or functional needs, we cannot give you an exact recommendation. We can help you make the right decision by pinpointing the benefits of 2BHK and 3BHK apartments in Hyderabad.

Let’s get started: Benefits of 3 BHK in Hyderabad

Space – Perfectly suits your family’s needs in the future

The 3BHK offers more space than 2BHK, making it a future-proof housing option. You can extend your family or meet the needs of your growing children with the extra spacious room in a 3BHK.

Options for easy loans:

It is always easier to get a loan for 3BHK apartments than for 2BHK apartments. However, luxury 3BHK apartments in Hyderabad are usually part of trusted and established real estate development projects. This makes it even easier for you to obtain a home loan, especially if you have had problems in the past.

Option for future-proof remote working:

With the pandemic forcing remote working, work-from-home has slowly become the new norm. It was more difficult to adopt at first, but today, the WFH is in equilibrium with no traffic commute and employers controlling their workspace. In the coming days, remote working will play a crucial role, and buying a 3BHK in Hyderabad allows you to set up your own home office.

2 BHK in Hyderabad has the following benefits: 

 In terms of price, spacious features, and amenities, 2BHK in Hyderabad hits the perfect sweet spot between spacious 1BHK and expansive 3BHK, especially for newlyweds or even a simple family. And for the same reason, real estate developers are coming up with an up-scaled version rife with luxury facilities and amenities to further take benefit from the compact coziness of the 2BHK.

Easy to rent: 

Starting out with 2BHK gives you the option to level up your home to a 3BHK in the future and when you do 2BHK is easy to rent in a metropolitan city like Hyderabad. Being a major IT hub in South India, Hyderabad has been seeing a rapid influx of techies from various parts of the country. These techies are in need of 2BHK, making this house option easier to rent.

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