Buying and owning a home can be satisfying, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. From hidden costs to maintenance requirements, it takes far more financial and mental effort than most people first think. This is what no one can tell you about buying and maintaining a home.


  1. Stamp duty and registration fee when buying a house in India:

Ignore details. Upon registration of the deed of sale, the homebuyer must pay a prescribed amount to the Administration for stamp duty and registration fee.

  1. Title Deed Memorandum:

A title deed memorandum is required when purchasing a home with a down payment. In this situation, you must provide the bank with proof that the deed of title is on file with the lender by depositing a deposit.

  1. Home Insurance:

Property and casualty insurance allows insurance companies to pay the outstanding balance of a mortgage to a lender or bank in the event of an unforeseen event. Several comprehensive mortgage insurance programs cover borrowers, homes, and all their possessions. Tax incentives apply to paid purchases of mortgage insurance.

  1. The value of a home inspection when buying a home in India:

Home inspectors will provide you with a long list of items that need to be inspected in your home. Inspect floors, plumbing, doors, tiles, plumbing, fixtures, walls, and more. Then create a report detailing what is in good condition, what needs fixing, and what needs replacing.

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