Acquiring a home is one of the major life decisions that make you lead a happy and comfortable life. If you are interested in buying an NRI Property, then you have to know some rules and regulations to make your buying process without any disputes.

The TDS on the sale of any NRI property is 22.88%. Due to the misrepresentation of data by the NRI seller, the buyer tends to make mistakes while buying a property. To overcome all these problems taking professional help while buying an NRI property is a very wise choice , Hyderabad Reality

Look at the below seven most common mistakes made by resident Indian buyer and measures to avoid them.

Paying to Special Power of Attorney

Rate of TDS Deduction for NRI Property Sale

Payment Deposit in Savings Account of Indian

Residency Identity Proof

Tax Collection Number (TAN)

Joint Sellers Payments

TDS Deduction for Mortgage Loan