The Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) is planning to roll out the iconic double-decker buses soon. Even better, these buses will be electric, reducing pollution.
Many commuters from the 1990s remember traveling in double-decker buses. Bringing back double-decker buses on Hyderabad’s roads has been a long-standing demand. On Twitter, citizens keep urging IT and Industries Minister KT Rama Rao to revive double-decker buses.
Taking note of the demand, the TSRTC has started the process of resuming double-decker bus services again in Hyderabad. There are plans to run these on a hire basis. Ten double-decker electric buses will be hired and run on three routes in the city at first. Patancheru-Koti, Jeedimetla-CBS, and Afzalgunj-Mehdipatnam are likely routes.

old double-decker buses in Hyderabad

TSRTC will float tenders for this in about a week. The company that wins the bid will provide the buses on a hire basis, said a senior official. TSRTC will pay a fixed rate to the company and make all fare and route decisions. The routes have already been studied by TSRTC officials. According to sources, the double-decker buses are likely to ply on routes that are free of flyovers.

Already on the move 

Mumbai has already started using electric double-decker buses. The financial capital of India is served by 22 model buses operated by Switch Mobility. According to sources, the buses are designed and manufactured in India and have been well received by commuters.