The Indian Rupee has not had a great deal of luck over the last few years. There have been many factors contributing to a dramatic fall in the currency’s value against the US dollar, including the outbreak of COVID-19, an uncertain global geopolitical landscape, an increase in interest rates, and high inflation worldwide. As of July 18, 2022, the exchange rate has fallen from INR 68.374 in July 2019 to INR 80.03

Investors like these are capitalizing on a unique set of circumstances that NRIs should also take advantage of. Initially, the fall of the rupee seems to be enough to motivate NRI investors. NRI investors have always preferred buying real estate. Their increased spending power is being flexed with property investments thanks to the depreciation of their currency.

The depreciation of the Rupee has also destabilized other investment options like stocks, commodities, and gold due to high global interest rates and inflation. Before the markets turn a corner, there have been enough warnings about future bear runs between March and June 2022.