Since it is designed to complement every space in the house, the kitchen has become more than just a place to prepare food.

Design trends: Despite sustainability and nature still being popular trends in 2021, miniaturist trends like Japandi décor will be more prominent in 202

Accessories: Traditional kitchens prefer to keep things out in the open (while organized) where they can be easily accessed, but modular kitchens are embracing minimalist designs. Handle-less cabinets, for instance, keep storage enclosed rather than exposed. from. 

Finishes: A matte surface is more popular than a glossy or shiny one this year. It’s because rounded edges with matte finishes are not only muted to the eye but also soothing to the touch and easier to clean. 

1, L Shape Modular Kitchen Design Inspiration

L-shaped kitchens are popular due to their small footprint and attractive design. Making the kitchen more user-friendly and installing other kitchen equipment is made easier by partitioning the cooking and cleaning sections. 

L Shape Modular Kitchen

2, Ideas For U Shaped New Modular Kitchen Design

If you want lots of space in your kitchen and want it to be separated from your living area while having easy access to the dining area, the U-shaped modern modular kitchen design is your best option.

U Shaped Kitchen

3, Kitchen Layouts that are Parallel to one Another 

Parallel kitchen designs are the best alternative if you have a limited amount of available space. This is an example of a galley kitchen, where the floor has been left unoccupied to accommodate a little center walk away from the main cooking area of the building. 

4, Kitchen Designs That Are Simple Yet Elegant

Unlike traditional modular kitchen designs built on a single wall, straight modular kitchens include everything you need in a straight line, as their name indicates. Its interface is simple and easy, making it perfect for usage by a single individual with little experience. When used properly, pocket doors may be used to hide almost anything in your kitchen, including cupboards, ingredients, and culinary equipment, while still enabling you to readily access them.