Are you looking for luxurious living in the city and willing to pay whatever it takes? It’s worth checking out a penthouse. Well-designed penthouses have the best views of the city and are far from the noise and crowds. Furthermore, a penthouse adds to the owner’s status as well as provides comfort. The demand for penthouses has also increased as incomes have increased. Depending on your budget, you can design a large or small penthouse. You get the best of both worlds with a penthouse.

The Penthouse: what is it?

Apartments on the top floors of buildings are called penthouses. In the past, the attic was the most neglected part of a house. But now, it spells luxury due to its various benefits. It usually covers a large part of the roof, making the penthouse design much more spacious than the other apartments.

Characteristics of a penthouse design

A few common characteristics set a penthouse design apart from other housing types. These include 

High Ceilings: Penthouse designs are characterized by high ceilings. Floor-to-ceiling windows let in a lot of light when ceilings are high.

Quality Finishes: SSince penthouses fall under the luxury category, they are fitted with top-quality hardware, fixtures, appliances, and other finishes.

Access to the outdoors: An outdoor space is set back from the outer walls of luxury penthouses. As a result, penthouse owners have access to an outdoor rooftop where they can host parties and workout.

Breathtaking Views: People living in penthouses usually have an incredible view of the skyline since they are usually set up on the top floor.

Square Foot: Other than the view, penthouses are preferred for their spacious floor plans, which are larger than regular apartments. 

The difference between penthouse and apartment design

There is a difference between a penthouse and an apartment. There are usually two, four, or more apartments on each floor of an apartment building. Penthouse designs, on the other hand, cover the roof and have a larger area. A cramped apartment is understandable. There are also large French windows, a patio or terrace, and elegant amenities included in the penthouse design. While the rest of the apartments may use common elevators, the penthouse design often includes an exclusive elevator

Benefits of Penthouse Design

Based on the penthouse design, there are several benefits to living in a penthouse. These could be social or

  • You are likely to get the most spectacular view of the city. 
  • You are one of the lucky few to enjoy a spacious layout with a life of luxury.
  • Penthouse living raises your status. 
  • The space is inviting for friends and guests. 
  • Fixtures, facilities, and other penthouse designs provide an extravagant lifestyle.
  •  You are far above noise, dust and crowds. 
  • You also enjoy privacy. No face-to-face contact with apartment residents unless you want to meet them.