Kitchen Position as in line with Vastu Shastra

In Vastu, a kitchen represents the detail of the hearthplace. And hearthplace is part of the panchayat (air, water, hearthplace, area, and earth). So, the kitchen has to be placed efficiently in a home. Here is the whole thing you want to preserve in thoughts to make certain the proper kitchen function is in line with Vastu Shastra.

Choose Southeast or Northwest Direction

The high-quality kitchen function in line with Vastu is withinside the southeast or northwest course of your home. The purpose at the back of that is that wind blowing from south to west and north to east will now no longer motive harm via way of means of hearthplace.

Color Scheme for the Kitchen

Vastu shades for the kitchen ought to be selected accurately and carefully. White shades absorb the solar`s herbal rays and brighten the region wherein you cook. Warm shades like orange, yellows, and reds stimulate the surroundings and appetite. Light shades like icy blue and smooth red make the meals seem greater nourishing

Best Location of Doors and Windows

Since the southeast course is taken into consideration to be the cooking area high-quality, the doorway can simplest be from the north or west course. The number one window withinside the kitchen ought to face the east such that the morning rays of the solar sanitize it. Smaller home windows may be located withinside the south course.

Vastu Tips For Kitchen Gas Stove

According to Vastu, the southeast nook of the kitchen is right for putting the range. Do note, however, that you ought to be going through the east whilst cooking. The concept is to absorb the useful rays whilst getting ready for a meal.

Position of the Sink

The cooking range and the sink mustn’t be located together. If the range is saved withinside the southeast nook, the kitchen sink ought to be located withinside the northeast nook.

Placement of the Water Filter

The water filters ought to be saved withinside the northeast course of the kitchen. This is due to the fact the northeast facet sees the solar rays first and sterilizes water for secure consumption.