Hyderabad is such a large and diverse city that you can’t decide where to invest in a home so easily. There are pros and cons to each area, as well as its own character, charm, and rate of growth and appreciation.

If you’re planning to buy or rent a home in India, it’s a good idea to sit back and look at the market trends and understand what drives demand and supply. For your convenience, Asset Hub has compiled a list of all the trending localities in Hyderabad.

We surveyed over 1000 customers across all areas of Hyderabad to collect this data. Data is king.

Buying a home in Hyderabad’s top micro-markets in 2022

It’s interesting to note that 54% of buyers in Hyderabad are looking to buy a new, ready-to-move home. The micro-markets that they looked into, or rather, the micro-markets that saw the most interest were – Uppal Bhagath which saw a 15% increase as compared to last year, a 10% increase in Nagole, 9% in Old Bowenpally, and 8% in suraram , Secunderabad
Uppal Bhagath is a good business place to invest in, especially as it is so close to so many huge office spaces. Nagole and suraram are suburbs, which fits in with the trend we saw where most people are willing to move away from the city center to find bigger homes at better prices.

hyd top localities

Hyderabad’s Top Localities for Buyers.

According to the trends of 2022, most buyers were interested in the following localities: