Real estate is a term used for real and physical properties such as land, buildings, roads, structures, fixtures, and other systems. The rights to the property provide ownership of the land and other resources associated with the land, such as plants, animals, water, etc. In this article, we will enlighten you with the real estate sector and provide a brief understanding of how it works.

What are the Types of Real Estate?

Real estate is generally categorized into four types, as defined below:

  1. Land: includes a vacant piece of land, farming lands, and ranches. The land is the baseline for any real property. Vacant land can be sub-categorized into undeveloped, early development, subdivision, or assembly (combining several pieces of vacant land to increase the value of the property).
  2. Residential: real estate consists of family dwellings, apartments, detached houses, villas, and others. Residential is the most common form of real estate in the market. The category also comprises of townhouses, duplexes, high-value homes, and vacation properties.
  3. Commercial: real estate includes shopping centres, individual stores, parking lots, medical centres, hotels, offices, and other buildings used by businesses to undertake their operations.
  4. Industrial: real estate refers to land and properties used for industrial activities such as factories, manufacturing centres, research and development, transportation, logistics, and warehousing.

How does the Real Estate Industry Work?

The real estate industry can be divided into several areas, which explain the functioning of the sector, as listed below:

  1. Development & Construction: involves the process of land purchase, construction and renovation of buildings, and sale or lease of the finished product to the buyers. Developers earn profit by risking developing the property and selling it to interested parties.
  2. Sales & Marketing: assist in selling the created properties and earn a commission for marketing activities. Sales agents and real estate agents help investors in buying and selling these properties.
  3. Property Management: firms help the real estate owners rent out the units. Their job includes collecting rent, showing units, performing repairs, and managing tenants. They charge a fee to the property owners.

Where should you invest?

Any person buying or selling real estate is engaging in real estate investment. There are several factors to consider before investing. Will the value of the house or property you invest in rise in the future? Where is the property located? Do you want to develop the property and utilize it for yourself or rent it out?

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