According to traditional Indian Vastu practices, having houseplants in your home has several benefits. Some plants offer unique benefits such as success, balance, and calmness, while others can purify the air and bring positivity into the home. The ideal Vaasutu plant for anyone looking to add ambiance to their space.

So don’t hesitate anymore and read on to learn more about these incredible plants! increase. A popular plant is known to bring good luck and wealth.

money plant:

 is also considered one of the top Vaastu plants in living spaces. A popular plant known to bring good luck and wealth is the money plant. Vaastu says the ivy should be planted in the northeast corner of the house. The money plant is said to purify the air and fill any room with uplifting energy.

Tulsi Plant:

A plant revered in Vastu, Tulsi is said to bring peace and joy to the home. According to Tulsi Plant Vaastu, the best places for Tulsi plants are east, on porches, or near doors. As a water direction, it helps expel all negative energies while promoting the positive.

Jasmine Tree:

Jasmine is one of Vaastu’s recommended houseplants as it is a fragrant flower with many benefits. For the best indoor effect, it should be placed near a south-facing door. The jasmine plant is said to promote compassion in relationships because it attracts positive energy.

Ashoka Tree:

According to Vaastu Shastra, one of the most prosperous trees is the Ashoka tree. Ashoka tree is believed to increase mental and physical vitality. India is home to the Ashoka tree, sometimes called the sacred fig tree. According to Vaastu Shastra, plants not only have a positive impact on the environment but also have some benefits. Various plants can be placed in your home to attract wealth and good luck.

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