Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science, emphasizes the significance of balancing energy within a living space to promote well-being and positivity. When it comes to the bedroom, a place of rest and rejuvenation, the correct placement of photos and artwork can significantly impact the overall energy flow in the room. In this blog, we will explore some Vastu tips for placing photos in the bedroom to create a harmonious and peaceful environment.

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Choose soothing images:

When selecting images or artwork for your bedroom, think about the emotions and feelings they evoke. Pictures of serene landscapes, gentle water bodies, lush forests, or beautiful sunsets can help create a tranquil atmosphere. Similarly, images of happy moments with loved ones can bring a sense of positivity and comfort.

Positioning of Couples’ Photos:

For couples, placing a photo in the southwest corner of the bedroom is highly recommended. The south-west direction represents stability and is associated with the earth element, making it ideal for enhancing the bond between partners. It symbolizes a strong foundation for your relationship.

Avoid solo portraits.

If you’re single, it’s best to avoid taking solo portraits in the bedroom. Instead, opt for group photos or images that depict happy moments with friends and family. This can foster a sense of togetherness and support, reducing any feelings of loneliness.

Family Photos:

Displaying family photos in the bedroom promotes a sense of security and love. Placing these photos on the west or north-west walls is believed to enhance the supportive and nurturing energies associated with these directions.

Religious and Spiritual Images:

If spirituality is a significant part of your life, incorporating religious or spiritual images into your bedroom can be spiritually enriching. The northeast corner is considered the most promising location for such images, symbolizing enlightenment and spiritual growth. However, avoid positioning these images at a level lower than the bed or directly facing the bed.

Avoid Mirrors:

Mirrors can be problematic in the bedroom, according to Vastu principles. They are believed to reflect and multiply energy, which may disrupt sleep and create restlessness. If you do have mirrors in your bedroom, ensure they do not face the bed, as this can lead to increased stress and discomfort.

Artwork Height:

Pay attention to the height at which you hang or place your artwork. Ideally, the artwork should be at eye level when you are seated or lying in bed. This ensures that you can comfortably view and appreciate the images without straining your neck or vision.

Balance and Symmetry:

Maintaining balance and symmetry in your photo arrangement is aesthetically pleasing and harmonious. Avoid overcrowding one wall with too many images, as this can create visual clutter and disrupt the room’s energy flow. Instead, aim for an organized and balanced arrangement.

Personalize with Caution:

While personalization adds character to your bedroom, excessive personal photos or memorabilia can make the space feel cluttered and overwhelming. Balance personalization with a sense of openness and tranquility.

Regular cleaning and dusting:

Keeping your photos and artwork clean and dust-free is essential. Neglected or dusty images can accumulate stagnant energy over time, which can affect the overall ambience of the room. Regularly cleaning and caring for your framed memories ensures a fresh and positive environment.


Following these Vastu tips for placing photos in your bedroom can help you create a harmonious and peaceful living space. While Vastu provides valuable guidelines, it’s important to remember that personal preferences and comfort should always be prioritized when decorating your bedroom. Balance these principles with your unique style to ensure your bedroom is not only in harmony with Vastu but also a place where you feel truly at ease and rejuvenated.