It is not only customary but also very important to register a rental agreement before renting out your property. It safeguards the rights of landlords and tenants alike. You may learn all you need to know about the format, content, and laws of rental agreements here.

Table Of Contents

  1. What is a rent agreement?
  2. Why have a rent agreement?
  3. What is the Basic Content of a Rent Agreement?
  4. Documentation?
  5. Key terms in the rental agreement?
  6. Why rent agreements for 11 months instead of a full year?
  7. Format of a rental agreement for a house.
  8. Different formats of rent agreements.
  9. Format of the rent agreement for commercial property.
  10. Format of the rent agreement for Shop.

A rent agreement with your tenant is essential if you wish to rent out your property. Landlords sometimes neglect this formality, and they could pay a high price for it. In addition, if you intend to rent a place out on your own, be sure to sign a rent agreement outlining all the terms and circumstances of your stay. 

This article explains the essential terms of a rent agreement, outlines its contents, and provides you with information on the many types available. This style would therefore be different from a house rent agreement if you were signing up for a store or other business property. To make things easier for you, we also provide you with the rent agreement format and discuss the law.

1, What is a Rent agreement?

A formal contract between a landlord and a tenant is commonly known as a lease agreement. This document typically outlines details such as the agreed-upon rent, security deposit amount, terms and conditions set forth by the landlord, exact location and dimensions of the property, permitted usage, and other relevant information.

2, Why have a rent agreement?

A rent agreement format that covers all relevant details is a legal document that both parties must be bound by. Here are some of the advantages of drawing one before renting a property.


  1. The Fair Housing Act and the Truth in Lending Act, for example, can assist you as a lessee in resolving unlawful and unjust claims or excessive money demands made by the landlord.
  2. It assists the renter in receiving their advance returned after their stay.
  3. The agreement protects one from future litigation.
  4. If the tenant behaves in an unworthy manner or disregards the previously mentioned rules, the agreement will assist the landlord in evicting them.
  5. Conflicts between landlords and tenants, sometimes known as lessees, are not unusual. Rent agreements are used as a guide to resolve disputes in these situations.

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3, The basic content of the Rent agreement

It is now undeniable that each circumstance requires a different set of specialized components for a house rent agreement style. Nonetheless, there may be similarities in the general framework as well as the details. Take a look at the essential elements listed below that ought to be included in any standard rent agreement format:

  1. Place of agreement Date, Month, and Year of the agreement
  2. Lessor/Landlord’s Full Name
  3. Lessor/Landlord address
  4. Tenant Full Name
  5. Tenant address
  6. Rented property address
  7. Rented property area
  8. Rented term in months or years
  9. Rented deed start and end date
  10. Lease/rental payable per month
  11. Date of lease/rent payment
  12. Witness Signatures

4, Documents Required for a Rent Agreement

For a rent agreement to be registered in a count of low, both parties need to provide specific paperwork, The following is a list of paperwork needed to register a rental agreement:

  1. Original documents of proof of ownership of the property
  2. Two passport-size photographs of each party and one photograph of each witness
  3. Papers of the property, such as tax receipts
  4. Documents verifying the addresses of both parties’ witnesses
  5. A receipt confirming the tenant’s payment of the security deposit and outlining the circumstances in which it will be reimbursed
  6. Any other conditions or provisions unique to the lease, like guidelines for subletting, who is responsible for upkeep, or early termination penalties

Key terms in the rent agreement:

To make sure you are fully informed of the terms and conditions, whether you are a new tenant or landlord, you must comprehend a few essential terms in the rental agreement. The following is a glossary of phrases that are commonly found in rent agreements for houses, regardless of their format.

  1. Parties: Lists the legal names and contact details of the landlord(s) and tenant(s) who are parties to the rental agreement.
  1. Gives a thorough overview of the rental property, including the address, unit number (if relevant), and any special features or facilities that are offered.
  1. Term of Lease: Indicates how long the lease will last, along with the beginning and ending dates. It might also contain clauses about the lease’s termination or renewal.
  1. Rent Amount: Indicates the amount of rent that the tenant is responsible for paying each month, together with the due date and accepted payment options.
  1. Security Deposit: Specifies the needed amount of the security deposit, the circumstances for its reimbursement, and any possible deductions for damages other than typical wear and tear.
  1. Utilities and Services: Specifies which utilities and services (such as internet, water, and electricity) are covered by the rent and which are the tenant’s responsibility.
  1. Maintenance and Repairs: Specifies who is in charge of what and how maintenance requests should be made. It also outlines the obligations of the landlord and tenant about the upkeep and repairs of the rental property.
  1. Use of Property: Defines the permitted uses of the rental property, along with any activities that are prohibited (such as smoking and pets), as well as guidelines for subleasing and entertaining.

Why are Rent Agreements for 11 Months Instead of a Full Year?

In India, it is customary to sign a rental agreement for 11 months while renting a home. This is because if the rental arrangement is extended beyond this time frame, additional requirements like stamp duty payment and registration will apply. Tenant costs associated with these modifications may mount up.

Furthermore, under the Model Tenancy Act, the landlord may be subject to additional legal obligations if the renting period is longer than eleven months. Thus, it can be beneficial for both sides to keep the rental agreement at 11 months and extend it for longer periods to avoid any potential issues and extra expenses.

What is the Model Tenancy Act (MTA):

The Indian government introduced the Model Tenancy Act (MTA) as a statutory framework to control rental housing transactions. By offering uniform criteria for rental agreements, security deposits, rent control, and dispute resolution, it seeks to strike a balance between the interests of landlords and tenants. The MTA delineates obligations for landlords and tenants alike, sets fair rent determination procedures, and caps security deposits. To provide open records and encourage the growth of rental housing, it also requires that lease agreements be registered. To promote an open, effective, and fair rental market, Indian states and union territories might use the MTA as a model for creating their rental housing legislation

Different Formats of Rent Agreements:

Regarding the forms of commercial and residential rental agreements, the Indian government and several states each have their own legislation. If a dispute arises and further involvement is required, the authorities will accept these forms.

It will be extremely simple for you to hire a professional to design a rental agreement. We have also created a new sample rent agreement type in PDF and JPG below for your convenience. It should be noted that before giving these formats to the lessee or renter, you might need to carefully include the terms and conditions, information about the rent, lease, and deposit, as well as personal data.

Format of Rent Agreement for House:

You can use the English version of this simple house rent agreement below as a guide when you construct your own. To make sure there are no mistakes or inconsistencies in your draft, you must get it double-checked and verified by a professional.

Format of Rent agreement in Hindi for a house:

We have a rent agreement in Hindi given Below. Like other standard formats, this should also include the basic information that was listed above in the article.

Conclusion to Rent Agreement Formats:

It is crucial that you carefully prepare a rental agreement and include all relevant terms and conditions, whether you are the landlord or the lessee/tenant, to ensure that everything is followed to the letter. To complete your agreement, you may utilize any of the previously stated rent agreement samples.

When it comes to these kinds of legal agreements, we strongly advise you to enlist the assistance of an expert since every word counts and, everything is written for a purpose. A professional can prepare the necessary information to protect you in the event of future legal disputes. A positive and transparent connection between the landlord and the tenant is built on the terms of the rental agreement.