Buying a 3 BHK Flat will be the wisest investment you would ever make in a Metropolitan Cities such as Hyderabad. Choosing the right 3BHK Flat available for sale in the Right Location and Society will give better returns than expected. While the property value increases, rental income too increases based on the demand for the residential space in the Area. You might have heard enough suggestions such as renting  to Families or to Working women etc. There are some other options available today. Some of them include:

  1. Sharing Rooms for Bachelors

Hyderabad attracts enough talent from all parts of India and has been the hottest destination for the graduates who would want to live a quality and cost effective life.  Hyderabad is the heart of Pharmaceutical and Information Technology (Product Based Companies) Industries in India. Unmarried People love to live in 3BHK Flats rather than choosing the service apartments and Paying Guests Accommodations.  There are several groups in Facebook such as Flats &Flat mates, where people exchange information and find room mates themselves without brokers in the middle. 3BHK Flats in Gated Community are their preferable destinations as these come up with the best of amenities and living.  Fully Furnished 3 BHK Flats have the highest demand and there are people who are willing to pay 15000 for a single bedroom. So, 45000 will be in your pocket every month if you are willing to rent your new flat in a posh community. Once you take services from a Property Management Firm, they do the routine checks from time to time and update you about the tenants by charging a nominal fee.

  1. Semi Commercial Spaces

    This word may sound little different but yes this is one such unique thing people are looking for. Certain Freelancers prefer to lease or rent out a 3BHK Flat, one for office room and the other two for family, instead of taking an office room or co-working spaces separately. This saves them a lot of time rather than spending time in the commute. Professional Lawyers, Real Estate Consultants and Politicians normally prefer such kind of setup. Of course it depends on the plan of the house, need of the Tenant and the location of the Society.

    1. Leasing to Software Companies

    Of course this is a rare phenomenon and depends on the approval of the Society and the location. Software companies’ lease out certain apartments in a well maintained and good gated community for the purpose of its employees who visit them for short term projects. One can opt for these lease agreements as they maintain well and pay on time as per the agreement. You can also hire a property manager if you are suspicious. Typically, they take for a year or more for lease and not less than that.