Door lock types range from simple doorknobs and deadbolts to advanced biometrics and keyless entry locks.

Keeping your home secure is as easy as installing a door lock. It is important to have them on the doors so that the house is safe, that the house is accessible, and it adds some dimension to the house. As time progresses, door lock designs have also evolved. Door lock types range from simple doorknobs and deadbolts to advanced biometric and keyless entry locks. Each lock design has its unique features, look, and manner of operation.

Design #1: Door lock fingerprint scanner

A lock with a fingerprint scanner is a very convenient, hassle-free option. Fingerprint scanners are designed to be wear-resistant. Therefore, they are superior to conventional push-button locks. In modern fingerprint locks, a few fingerprints can be stored in the device for roommates and family members. The door can also be remotely locked or unlocked by some fingerprint locks that are connected to smart home systems.

Door lock type design #2: Password-protected doorknob lock

Password-controlled doorknobs combine the best of old and new gate lock designs. In case you forget the passcode, a key can be used to unlock the door in case you forget the set password. The door knob lock type offers a very vintage, traditional look, which is an added benefit.

Door lock type design #3: Smart lock operated by phone 

The design of the main door lock that can be controlled remotely from your mobile phone is a premium safety feature. This door lock type can easily handle the daily comings and goings of a busy household. Password and fingerprint control are also available for this type of door lock. This advanced door lock type design also automatically locks and locks behind you as soon as it is closed. This door lock type’s feature is immensely helpful for people who always forget to lock the door again when they come inside the house.

Door lock type design #4: Intercom system for the main entrance

 When you answered a door when the bell rang, did you find an unwelcome salesperson? With a video intercom for the front door, you can clearly see and interact with the person at the door, while protecting your privacy and safety. In addition to ensuring the safety of children alone in the home, this door lock-type device offers a comprehensive solution. Even when you are not near the door, the intercom allows you to open it for guests wirelessly.