As of January 1, 2023, 34 projects had been completed under the SRDP scheme. Construction of the second-longest flyover in Hyderabad, part of the SRDP, began in December 2021. The 4.08-kilometer flyover will have 119 pillars, making it the second longest after the PVNR Expressway. An amount of Rs 350 crores has been spent on the construction of the 2.25-kilometre-long flyover. It starts in Indira Park and ends at VST.

Lingampally, situated in Hyderabad’s western part, is renowned for its residential neighbourhoods, educational institutions, and proximity to IT hubs and industrial zones. Falling under the Ranga Reddy district, this area has become a sought-after location, offering a mix of housing options, educational facilities, and excellent connectivity to key business centres.
The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is undertaking the construction as part of the Strategic Road Development Plan (SRDP). The flyovers are intended to improve vehicular flow on the Lingampally and Miyapur routes. The government also plans to expand the underpass at Chandanagar.
Lingampally is also recognized for housing the Lingampally Railway Station, which serves as a major transportation hub for commuters travelling to different parts of the city and beyond. The railway station is well-connected to other areas of Hyderabad, making it a convenient mode of travel for many residents.
RTC Colony is a residential area situated in the northwestern part of Hyderabad, India, specifically within the fast-growing locality of Miyapur. RTC Colony is one of the prominent residential areas in Miyapur, and it adds to this area’s overall growth and liveliness.
Named after the Road Transport Corporation (RTC), this locality in Miyapur has seen considerable development in the last few years due to its strategic location and improved infrastructure. RTC Colony in Miyapur provides various housing options, including individual houses, apartments, and gated communities, to cater to the different needs of residents. It has a calm living atmosphere through well-planned settlements.
a cluster of mushrooming towers that will make the architects go mad over their art.
One great advantage
of living in RTC Colony, Miyapur, is its connectivity. This neighbourhood is well
connected to various parts of Hyderabad city due to good roads and efficient
public transportation services. In addition, Miyapur metro station serves as a
central hub for convenience in transportation within town.

RTC Colony
residents have access to essential amenities, including schools, hospitals,
shopping centres, and recreational facilities, making it self-sufficient and
comfortable place to live. The continuing improvement of infrastructure and
planned development projects contribute to making RTC Colony at Miyapur a
better place to live in. Its strategic location, in addition to the serene
residence environment, makes it an ideal choice for people or families wishing
to have a balanced lifestyle in Hyderabad.

In particular, the
The State Government has proposed the construction of two flyovers at Lingampally
and RTC Colony, Miyapur, to address recurring traffic jams in the IT
corridor and surrounding areas. According by credible sources, both state and
Central governments have given their consent for the same and now preparations
are being made by authorities towards taking off with the project. The
construction of this flyover is expected to commence after the monsoon season
with a group of mushrooming edifices that will make the architects go mad over
their art.

An amount of 350 crores has been spent on the construction of the 2.25-kilometer-long flyover. It starts from Indira Park and ends at VST.