This science is self-contained.

Happiness brings to the whole world

All four benefits it gives you

Righteous living, money, fulfillment of desires, bliss

Designing man-made structures, all of which are available in this world itself. The 6000-year-old Vaastu’s basic premise is based on the fact that the Earth is a living organism.

This science shows that everything on earth is influenced by the planet and its five elements (earth, fire, water, air, and space). These forces combine to create harmony and disharmony.

Attunement to Vaastu tends to promote the presence of a positive energy field throughout the home, affecting the health, wealth, and happiness of those who live there.

Keep the space in the center of the house clean

Keep this area tidy

The center part of the house should not be recessed, i.e. the floor level should not be lower than the rest of the house

Heavy objects in the center Not only in the part of the house but also in each room.

Do not build stairs, elevators, or toilets in this middle section.

Hang a crystal chandelier with five lamps in this area to energize your home with healthy cosmic and chi energy.

Balancing the Fire Element

To ensure health through the principles of Vaastu, the Fire element must not be out of balance. Consider the following tips to ensure balance in the Fire element.

Do not store electrical equipment in the Northeast. Avoid placing overhead water tanks in the southeast. Light a lamp in the southeastern twilight. Other Tips to Keep in Mind

According to Hindu beliefs, statues and statues of Goddess Lakshmi should not be placed outside the home as it indicates the outflow of wealth from the home. Make sure it is not cluttered as it impedes the flow of positive energy.

Do not save any statues or images of Nataraja, the sunken ship, or any images or scenes depicting the Mahabharata. Don’t put a fountain in your home because it symbolizes the flow of wealth. Do not put the bed in front of the mirror.

Adjacent bathroom doors must be kept closed at all times. Place fresh flowers in place of dead dry/artificial flowers. It is important to sleep with your head facing the right direction. It could be wrong to suggest that everyone should sleep with their head facing a certain direction. Each individual has a unique configuration. So you have to find the right direction yourself.