The upcoming Airport Metro Corridor will position Hyderabad as a global investment destination. The new line cuts travel times to less than 30 minutes, making commuting to the airport easier. It connects Raidurg with Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) and covers a distance of over 30 km. Read on to learn more about the Hyderabad Airport Metro Project.

The Hyderabad Airport Metro Project will operate along the Gachibowli Highway and Outer Ring Road to reach the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) Terminal in Shamshabad. The state government expects the project to be operational by the end of 2025 at an estimated cost of Rs 625 billion. It is operated by Hyderabad Airport Metro Company (HAML) on behalf of the Telangana State Government.

Hyderabad Airport Metro: Latest

Update In a recent development, the agency announced that the survey of the Hyderabad Metro Line connecting the airport to the capital had been completed and peg marking of the project alignment has begun. The process of aligning pen markings helps complete the project preparation work. This includes locating subway poles above ground and conducting ground tests.

The Blue Line terminus of the Hyderabad Metro, which ends at Mindspace Junction will also be integrated. Authorities are considering design options for the new integrated Leidurg station at Mindspace Junction and the new airport metro station from a passenger perspective. In addition, HAML has begun incorporating retroreflective panels into the median strips of roads to visually connect origins and destinations. These plaques also help identify the station.

Hyderabad Airport Metro: Project Details

Hyderabad Airport Metro is a prestigious Telangana government project that will facilitate connectivity in the emerging region and accelerate real estate growth.

Here are the key details of the project: –

Funding: The estimated cost of the airport metro project is NOK 6,250. Of this, the Telangana state government has allocated Rs 37.735 crore for its 2022-23 budget.

Planning: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has prepared a detailed project outline. The airport metro line is 31 km long and connects Raidrug and Rajiv Gandhi International Airport within 30 minutes. The new metro line is expected to have about 10 metro stations.

Schedule: The project is expected to be completed in three years.

Hyderabad Airport Metro: Route Map

The 31 km-long Hyderabad Airport Express Metro will cover an area of ​​0.840 km on flat ground, about 3 km of the route will be underground and the rest will be elevated. The airport route will have 1 underground station and 9 elevated stations. A map shared by the state government shows that the airport corridor passes through Raidurg, Bio-diversity Junction, Nanakramguda, Narsingi, Manchirevula, TS Police Academy, Rajendranagar, Shamshabad, Airport Cargo and Airport Terminal.


Hyderabad Metro Airport Line starts from Raidurg Metro Station to RGI Airport. meanwhile it