Hyderabad Metro Phase 2 is an expansion of the existing Hyderabad Metro Rail Network to connect more urban areas to an efficient and sustainable mode of transport. designed to connect with The Phase 2 project is a continuation of the Phase 1 project completed in 2020 and now consists of three operating lines totaling 67 km.

About Hyderabad Metro Phase 2

The Phase 2 project will add an additional 63 km of the metro network. The proposed line will cover various areas of the city including Gachibowli, the airport, and other major residential and commercial areas. The project also includes a Raidurg interchange station that connects to the outer ring road. It is hoped that this will improve connectivity to the rest of the city.

Hyderabad Airport Metro Limited (HAML) will implement the project at an estimated cost of Rs 845.3 crore. The development methodology for this phase has not yet been finalized and could be done via EPC or PPP (Public Private Partnership).

Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited (HMRL) has taken various measures to ensure that the Phase 2 project is completed on time and to the highest quality standards. Hyderabad Airport Metro Limited and HMDA will construct an elevated Hyderabad Bus Rapid Transit System covering a 20 km route between Kokapet Neopolis and KPHB Colony metro stations.

The second phase project aims to provide the necessary propulsion for Hyderabad’s public transport system, which relies heavily on buses and private cars. Providing efficient and comfortable transportation, Hyderabad Metro aims to reduce congestion, improve air quality and provide safe and reliable transportation for residents and visitors of the city.

Hyderabad Metro Phase 2: New Plan Details

Airport Metro Express Line: Mindspace Junction – Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) It is an airport in Shamshabad that serves as a high-speed route, with 10 stations over a total length of 32 km.

The line is part of the Hyderabad Metro Phase 2 project and is funded by the Telangana Government, but its execution is handled by HAML (Hyderabad Airport Metro Ltd). The Prime Minister of Telangana laid the groundwork for this project on December 9, 2022.

In 2018-2019 Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) prepared a Detailed Project Report (DPR) for this line. The line is expected to be fully operational by 2030. This line runs trains with a maximum speed of 120km/h in a 3-car formation (up to 6 cars can be added).

  • Length: 32 km
  • Type: Viaduct (28.5 km), Underground (2.5 km), and Above Ground (1 km)
  • Stations: 8
  • Estimated Cost: Rs. , TS Police Academy, Rajendranagar, Shamshabad, Airport Cargo, Airport Terminal
  • Hyderabad Airport Metro Express Status
  • In December 2022 Hyderabad Airport Metro Ltd. (HAML) expresses interest in appointing a General Consultant (GC) (EOI and RfQ). As a result, there were 5 bids.
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