TDR Online Sales Portal Launched An online portal to facilitate the sale of Hyderabad

Development Rights (TDR) was launched on 6th February by Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC).

The portal, known as the TDR Bank, features the issuance, use, and sale of TDR certificates and existing certificate data. Minister of Municipalities and Urban Development (MAUD), was founded by KT Rama Rao.

Property owners who lose their land during government land acquisitions and do not want financial compensation may opt for a TDR certificate. The certificate gives the owner the right to build additional urban areas.

This certificate allows you to build additional urban areas anywhere in the city. The TDR certificate can be sold if the property owner does not want to add floors or increase the building area.

The Government has extended the use of TDR certificates issued by GHMC to the limits of ORR under the jurisdiction of the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA). Citizens can view available TDRs in the TDR Bank application. Existing manual TDR certificate holders will be given the option to convert their manual certificates to the digital platform. According to the standard, only the digital certificate owner can sell her TDR certificate.

“To date, more than 550 TDR certificates have been issued by GHMC,” the civil service said in a statement.