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The city like New York City has wide outer ring roads with multi-story buildings with the sky as the limit on both sides of them surrounded by green trees and high-rise buildings. One above the other without competition without comparison the construction of skyscrapers is going on at a fast pace.

A changing contour around the outer edge
The construction of skyscrapers is accelerating
Narsinghi Interchange gets some new touches
In addition to one project, there are others
Between 30 and 60-story buildings

Hyderabad Become New York City. On both sides of the wide outer ring road are multi-story buildings with the sky as a limit. Green trees and bright lights surround the road. One above the other without competition and without comparison the construction of skyscrapers is going on at a rapid pace. The buildings of this metropolis are the crowning glory of the real world, which belongs to the metropolis. The city is a carafe of huge multi-story buildings ranging from 30 to 60 floors. In addition to this, the Telangana government has constructed a brand new interchange at Narsinghi. On the other hand, a solar rooftop cycle track has been installed and brought additional beauty. This cycle track will be available in the next 15 days. Recently, the work of the airport metro has also started via Narsinghi, connecting the IT Corridor and the
Shamshabad Airport. There is no doubt that when all this is completed, Narsinghi will be like another New York City.

If ORR is uploaded, you have to stand up and see. You have to enjoy the magical world without blinking. You have to enjoy the magical world without blinking. Over the past few years, the high-rise gated communities that have sprouted up across the IT corridor have overwhelmed the city’s residents in Madhapur, Gachibowli, and Nanakranguda. But now the scene has changed.At the same time, from 58 to 60 floors, skyscrapers will be seen everywhere around ORR. Experts say that if it waits for another two years, the outer surroundings will resemble Dallas with the construction that the sky is the limit.

August 15th marks the inauguration of the Solar Rooftop Cycle Track

The ambitious Solar Roof Top Cycle Track from Nanakranguda ORR Interchange to Telangana Police Academy via Narsinghi is currently being constructed. As these have reached the final stage, preparations are being made to start on August 15. The solar rooftop cycle track work and the expansion of the service roads are both ongoing at a rapid pace along with each other. In this way, the Narsingi center is being developed on both sides towards the outer ring road.

In the near future, construction will begin on the Airport Metro

A new outer ring road has become the center of changes on both sides of the IT Corridor and Shamshabad Airport, which is the main bridge in the middle.The airport metro rail project will also start soon from here. With this, Narsingi will get a more modern look. Huge multi-story constructions are also starting in Manchirevu on the other side of the Moosi River and Moosi River next to Narsingi Bridge.